“Wear your heart on the page, and people will read to find out how you solved being alive.”
― Amy Hempel

Fall Workshop full, waitlist available
Thursdays4pm pst/ 5pm mst/ 7pm est
Oct. 13th-Nov. 17th, (no class Oct. 27) 
Part workshop, part craft class.

Explore writing using specific tools and techniques to expand your range and learn from your peers, observing how they make different tools work for them.

The idea is that you take a draft you’re working on and use the tools we explore each week to improve it. Or you can consider this a purely generative workshop, using the tools as jumping-off points to seed new stories.

There will be no written peer feedback this session. Instead, you’ll spend time outside of class on your writing and will submit a paragraph or two each week for the group to discuss. Should be a low-key, fun way to chip away at your writing.

Ideal for:

  • folks working on a book/longer project who want feedback as they go, ie. on the section you worked on this week (rather than submitting a finished chapter to a workshop)
  • revising stories from previous workshops
  • folks who haven’t had time to put together a submission, and want to use this time to write something new


  • the only work outside of class is what you submit (up to two paragraphs, single spaced)
  • we’ll read the writing aloud during class, and you’ll also have a compiled written copy to refer to
  • instructor will provide written feedback through email

Email griffinwritingworkshop@gmail.com or use the form below to sign up or with any questions.


Image by Yuki Davidoff

Maria Anderson is from Three Forks, Montana. Her fiction has recently appeared in Ploughshares, Storythings 10, Sewanee Review, McSweeney’s, Edible Bozeman, Alpinist, and Best American Short Stories 2018. Two-time National Book Award winner Jesmyn Ward selected her stories “Water Moccasin” and “Wetumpka” as distinguished in Best American Short Stories 2021.

She likes skiing, trail running, cold soaks, & hot springs.

Maria’s Instagram & class Instagram. To read her writing, click here.

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